Mom’s Night Out

The Iron Horse Mother’s Club offers a few ways that mom can get some time for herself.  In case you need a break from the joys of parenting, Mom’s Night Out might be just the thing. Joining other moms to watch a movie, or have dinner & drinks can provide a friendly diversion, usually just when it’s needed most.  We have also started offering a Moms Morning Coffee.  Meeting at local coffee house with the kids in tow is a great way to meet other moms  and enjoy a short break in the middle of your hectic week.

Additionally, the monthly General Meeting is a gathering for moms to listen to guest speakers discuss parenting issues and enjoy delicious snacks and lively conversation. The upcoming topic or theme of the General Meeting is announced in the newsletter.

In addition to our just-for-fun events, there are many opportunities for moms to participate in outreach and fundraising activities throughout the year.  These events are a great way for moms to get involved with other IHMC moms and have fun while contributing a great cause.

New or prospective members are welcome and encouraged to come all social events.  For more information, please contact the Social Committee or consult the calendar in your current newsletter.  For information on upcoming fundraisers or outreach events, please contact our Outreach Coordinator.